Leroy Steinbacher
Rhetoric and Technical Communication
Humanities Department
Michigan Technological University (MTU)

BS in Scientific and Technical Communication, MTU - 1992
MS in Rhetoric and Technical Communication, MTU - 2003
    Master's Project: Situating New Media Texts

I am currently working on my PhD in Rhetoric and Technical Communication at MTU. My interests are in technical writing and composition theory with a focus on electronic publishing and markup languages. I am also interested in usability testing, new media texts, and art and technology.

Contact Information

Office: Walker 149
Office Hours: M,W,F 9:00 to 10:00 AM
Office Phone: 487-3280

email: lesteinb@mtu.edu


Courses I Am Teaching

HU 4634 - Advanced Practicum in Scientific and Technical Communication
HU 3120 - Scientific and Technical Communication
UN 2001 - Revisions

Courses I Have Taken

HU 2282 - German Language and Culture
HU 5011 - Technology, Culture & Communication
HU 5020 - Composition Theory
HU 6010 - Special Topics in Communication: Community
HU 6112 - New Media Texts

Related Work

2POINT2 Technical Communication Design

Last Updated: Jan 9, 2005